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I was not always interested in pregnancy or birth. My journey into womanhood and motherhood has taken me from shame and distrust in my body, fear and horror at the thought of labour and the belief that I would need a caesarean, to the empowering, beautiful and pain-free home birth of my second son.

My second birth was so profound that I was compelled to create the Birth Journeys book, a collection of positive and inspiring birth stories from Australian women and men. I needed to share what birth could be like, tell women they deserve a positive birth and that their experience is important. I wanted women to know they deserve to feel safe, loved, respected and honoured in birthing and mothering. I wanted to inspire women to begin their own journeys and I hoped to help change our negative birth culture.

Along the way my lessons have been rich: birth actually works; I could trust my body and baby; birth can be spiritual and I could embrace this; I could trust other women; I could ask for and accept love and support. I am still challenged by these learnings about what it means to be a healthy woman and a mother. My birth experiences continue to enrich and teach me each time I delve into my memories or listen to other women tell their stories.

excitingThrough bringing together the Birth Journeys book, I have continued to learn about what it means to have a positive birth and how women can be supported and encouraged to achieve this. I learnt so much from the stories shared with me, from the women and men I came to know, and the midwives, educators and authors who contributed information to the book.

I am passionate about reaching and helping women who are fearful of birth, women who have been hurt by previous births, women who cannot trust nor begin to believe in birth or themselves.Birth Journeys book

If you would like to make a difference and you believe Birth Journeys is a valuable resource for women, please share it with the women in your life or ask your local library to buy it for your community. If you are a doula, midwife, birth educator, someone who supports women in pregnancy and birth and you would like to sell Birth Journeys or include it in your package to women in your care, I offer wholesale rates and free delivery to you. I offer the same price for women who order 5 books for themselves, as gifts or get together with friends to make a group order.

Please share this blog and the new free monthly newsletter Positive Birth News. You can order Birth Journeys as an ebook or print book from www.birthjourneys.com.au

Leonie MacDonald


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