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Positive Birth News for June is all about VBAC and it will contain a fresh new birth story, an article “Once a caesarean always a caesarean?” and links to helpful resources for recovering from caesarean and preparing for birth after caesarean, including the guidelines from the obstetric colleges in Australia, US and UK (and these are really interesting to compare!)

The birth story shares Kush’s empowering journey to a straightforward and beautiful VBAC, but more than that, how she found the confidence to speak up for herself and her needs. I have been working with Kush to explore her story in the same way that I did with the stories in the Birth Journeys book (only in a week instead of a year so I know her story could go even deeper – it’s amazing what a few questions reveal!). So, this is more than a raw account of a birth – like the stories in the Birth Journeys book, it is a story with wisdom and positive messages for you to learn from.

I am trying something a little different this month and the newsletter content will not be up on the blog straight away! I want women who sign up for the free newsletter to receive something special, something that is worth signing up for – in addition to the content on the blog. It’s also important to me that when you read the newsletter, you don’t have to keep clicking on the blog links to finish reading! Each newsletter will now have a theme with a birth story, one in depth article and links to support you in your journey to birth or in your role supporting pregnant women.

I will continue to post articles, women’s stories, inspiring quotes and links to the blog and put the newsletter content up later on.

The July issue will be all about doulas and the August issue will be about having an empowering caesarean birth.

The Positive Birth Newsletter will be emailed out by the end of this weekend, so sign up now so you don’t miss out!


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