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Sleep Deprivation: The Dark Side of Parenting

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Sleep deprivation – one thing I had no idea about before my babies were born and it sure took its toll on me! We drew on Elizabeth Pantley’s ideas from her book ” The No Cry Sleep Solution” to make some changes and improve sleep for everyone. I still have some very disturbed nights with my youngest ( just turned 4) but at least with older children it is easier to get an early night and just sleep, sweet sleep when I really need to. I know I’ll be woken later on, but by then I’ve already had some lovely sleep in the bank! Another way to cope, that I learnt in pregnancy, is to use a 5 minute relaxation or meditation track and lie down for that short time. Five minutes of deep relaxation can feel as good as a sleep!

The Science of Mom

Sleep deprivation is an inevitable part of having a baby, and surely that’s been true throughout the history of our species. But we also live in a culture that seems to take some amount of pride in getting by on little sleep. We think of sleep as time wasted, as lost productivity. We forget – or ignore – the biological necessity of sleep.

Becoming a parent only further stretches our already-too-thin sleep allotments. Newborn babies wake frequently to feed or for comfort during the night. We try to “sleep when the baby sleeps” and piece it together to come up with a reasonable amount, but it often doesn’t feel sufficient. And now more than ever, new parents are really isolated as they make this transition; they don’t have much in the way of backup resources to help with the 24/7 job of caring for a baby.

This month, the…

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