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Birth Story – a family centred caesarean

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Published on the Improving Birth website, this is a wonderful read for women who need or choose to have a caesarean birth and are seeking to be empowered and at peace with this choice and this experience of birth.

“So, what happens if you are completely committed to “going natural” and things don’t work out? How do you deal with being told, “This baby is at risk. We need to deliver via cesarean”?  All that matters is a healthy baby  – you just need to get over it…right?”

Get over it? Just like that?

Of course the ultimate goal is a healthy baby, and of course you are going to agree to the cesarean for the well-being of your child. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy to let go of the experience you’ve been envisioning for nine months, and it doesn’t mean you don’t have the right to grieve that loss.”

Read the whole story here on the Improving Birth website.


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